Pouring the Foundation Wall

It was actually very simple.  A pumper truck, a bunch of cement mixer trucks, and  about 6 guys made it look easy.  Thanks to the Thermomass Reps Marone’s guys knew just what to do.  Two guys worked the nozzle pouring about 2 feet of concrete on either side of the insulation panels and just circled the wall. 180 degrees away on the other side of the wall another two guys also circled the wall with a vibrator.  I lost count of the cement mixer trucks but by just after noon the walls were poured.  Two guys went around installing the tie downs, over a hundred.  Now just wait for the concrete to cure.


58 Pumpimg walls 58 Pumpimg walls (5) 58 Pumpimg walls (4)58 Pumpimg walls (2) 58 Pumpimg walls (9) 59 Drying (5) 59 Drying