Backfill and roofs

Today it’s starting to look like a house.  The rafters and dormers  on the second floor bedroom section are done.  The roof  rafters 18′ x 12″ TJIs were a challenge to get up.  It took much longer than the framers though. You can see from yesterday’s photos how they had to swing them into place. It also looks like we can’t use the window designed for the second bathroom  because of the angle of the porch roof.  We will swap it with a smaller one form the office.

Backfill and rough grading is done and a pad is set up for the shed.


77 Roof & Dormors (3)

Family Room end

77 Roof & Dormors (4)


77 Roof & Dormors

Office end

77 Roof & Dormors (2)

Shed pad

78 Shed pad


Busy Monday (Backfill & Framing)

In the first photo the Bilco door crew was still on site, the excavators started backfilling and the framers were working on the roof rafters.  Look how long the rafters are and the framer swing them into position to be lifted up.  A very uneventful day other than it was the first day of Deer season and shotguns were going off in the distance and deer were running around.

Three things at once.

71 A busy day

Second floor framing

72 Second Floor (2) 72 Second Floor (3) 72 Second Floor


74 Backfill 1 74 Backfill Front 74 Backfill

Doing the roof rafters.75 Roof Rafters

75 Roof Rafters (2) 75 Roof Rafters (3) 75 Roof Rafters (4) 75 Roof Rafters (5)

End of Day

76 End of Day (2)