Catching up

I’ve been neglectful to this blog.  Just been to busy with the house and to tired when In get home to update the blog.

Well we are on the homes stretch, the drywall is done, and painted, hard wood floor in, master shower walls installed, doors and trim.  Starting  to work on closet shelves and final details.  The water service trench and pipe is in to the street (hooking up maybe an issue), electric in and house “lighted up” (as the electric company installer said) the septic system is in and inspected. The appliances have been delivered.

Just waiting for the kitchen cabinets, then the counter tops can be templated. The plumber says about one day of work left and HVAC has a day.

The rock piles are moved, 9 truck loads of topsoil was delivered Friday.  I’m guessing about two week to get the U&O inspection.

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