Closing in on ZERO

The summer’s been good as for energy usage and generation. April’s usage was 457kWh and generation was 435 kWh thus a $6.08 electric bill.  Since then we’ve over generated by 1,044.  Our electric bill has been $2.98 (the connection fee) for; May, June, July, August, September & October.  That’s 6 months with no energy bills and we have 1,044 kWh credit with JC P&L.

Our year ends with the November Meter Readings, around 11/25.  Our full year usage as of Oct 25  was 5,977 kWh and generation 6,493 kWh. I’m estimate a Nov usage of 678kWh and a generation of 434kWh thus ending the year with 6,612kWh usage and 6,819kWh generation.  I think we will be in 100kWh =/- of Zero.   That’s about as close as one can get.

Now our HERS rating is 11, but as I’ve written before the HERS model uses only design perimeters and assumes the a three bedroom 2.5 bath house has 2 adults and X children using electricity  and a different rate that just my wife and I use.

One of the things I’ve noticed is how many cloudy or partially cloudy day you get.   Oct was a good example we had 8 days where we only generated 9kWh or less and one day where we only generated 932Wh. That’s 26% of the days undegenerating. I don’t know how the estimates factor in cloudy days.  One estimate shows Oct should have generated 537kWh and actual was 480.

Watch for the full year report in early Dec.

I’m still waiting for NJ CleanEnergy to do it’s final review and cut me the check. Any day I hear.