More on performance

Been in for three weeks today.  The past week plus it’s been over 90 everyday with heat index getting above 110 some days and staying above 70 at nights and some nights 75 plus.  A good test for the A/C.

The past week I’ve only been running the great room mini-split from 8 AM to about 10 PM.  set of 72.  The hole first floor is at temperature and a very comfortable, low humidity.  That mini-split is only a 9,000 btu unit.  Looking forward to getting a full month electrical bill.

Update:  your first month’s meter reading was from July 22 to August 22 was 827 kWh which in 48% of the old house’s usage from 2015. I didn’t figure out that the first floor only needed one mini-split to cool it, so the 827kWh my guess is 50 to 100 kWh higher that it could have been with only one mini-split running.  

I will be adding a usage tracking system, and a tempeture monitor,too. In the next month or two.


Also I’m pushing forward with the solar PV arrays.  I’ve changed strategy and am putting the PV arrays on the garage roof, the ground mounted system just wasn’t cost effective.. The trick is sizing the system. NJ doesn’t pay for over producing. The current NJ Zero Energy Ready program has a big incentive to adding renewables.  Between the NJ incentive and the Fed tax rebate the system will only cost a couple thousand dollars.  And with the NJ SREC program it will be paid back in one year.