A friend’s blog about his Passive Certified house near West Chester PA

A presentation by an Architect Dennis Wedlick who has moved from Passive House design to more of a Net-Zero concept.   This talk explains why.

DoE Zero Energy Ready Homes 

DoE Case study

Danbury CN Zero Energy Home case study

Transformation Inc.  A builder of production Net-Zero homes in the Boston suburbs.

DoE Zero Energy Case study Transformation Inc,  Devens MA

My Architect Jim Wentling

My General Contractor Rob Faucett

My NJ House Rater Ben Cohen, President of ReVireo  He will certify the house for NJ’s Zero Energy Ready Homes program

A PA Passive House Rater who first modeled the house Dave Berg  DSB Energy Services

KlearWalls windows & Doors  Unbeleable windows & door U-values as low as 0.134 or an  R-7.46  and at a reasonable price.

ZIP System Sheathing

Boral Truexterior trim material