This is my Blog on the building of my Net-Zero energy house out side Flemington NJ.  The home has been designed and is being built to both the DoE Zero Energy Ready Home standard and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Zero Energy Ready Home (Tier 3) standard.  In the Blog I will try to explain why this type of home is what I believe is the home of the future, and will track the progress. And discuss the what’s and why and any issues.



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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! So interesting – what’s the current % of net zero houses being built, do you know? Also, is it possible to cost effectively convert an existing home to a net zero?


    • There are only two Net-Zero energy homes in NJ that I know of 1) http://www.zeroenergy.com/p_margate.html
      and one Passive House https://www.facebook.com/NJ-Passive-House-143353835715991/

      Most builders I spoke with thought I was “nuts” one that didn’t did not want to share the responsibility of building the house, and I just wasn’t giving anyone 100% control.

      My house is registered with NJ Zero Energy Ready Homes program, and if any there may only be one or two other houses in the program this year. The NJ program has a an incentive for houses with a HERS index of 50 at $10,000 going to $26,000 at HERS 30 for this year. I’m shooting to leave no $$ on the table, a HERS 29 or better (before solar). HERS 0 with solar.

      Yes a existing house can be fixed. I was at a “Speed Dating for Passive House” meeting in Sept and a person who took there old end of row in New Brunswick to a Net-Zero standard. There are many articles about retro fitting an old house. FineHomesBuilding magazine and web site is the best source.


      • Ed, Good to meet you tonight at the Philly Passive House meeting. Your design and my plan are almost identical. Will be contacting you to talk specifics and share ideas in the near future.

        I have a feeling that we are two very similar people!


        Jim Waterman


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