Well, at the one year mark,  we’ve achieved the Net-Zero goal.  Usage of 6,673kWh and generation of 6,722kWh.  That’s about a fine tuned as you can get.  Our final HERS rating was 11. The difference is the way we use the house and how the HERS rating works.

Our goals when we started were; A comfortable house; an aging in place floor plan;    an energy efficient; with Net-Zero an add on. And house that took on the appearance of a 1930s craftsmen.

I have to say all goals have been achieved.  We really enjoy the pace and the layout.  Because of the materials the house is comfortable: no drafts nor cold spots. The energy efficiently is amazing; in our last house with near the same square footage we used 12,000kW of electric just for plug load and cooling, heating and DHW was from propane.  This house used just 6,673kWh for everything.  Cost was $501.82 (not counting SRECs pay back)  a 90% reduction of energy cost from the last house.

There isn’t much more to say, so I expect this to be my last entry.  But I’m available for questions and any assistance  you my need.   My email address is