Clear skys

Finely on New Years eve the storm moved out and we had clear sky’s.   Note first photo.

Was a busy day, the guys from Bethlehem Precast showed up with the front steps, the Guys from Lancaster Pole Buildings were there doing the garage floor and another LPB vender was here making the seamless gutters.

The house is ready for a once over on the final sealing of the framing/sheathing. No windows help because it’s so dark inside and you can see any leaks because the light comes in.

Monday is the first blower door test, the we can start to install the windows, roofing and siding. We have switched the schedule to do the close-cell foam after the roofing and siding.

In Clear Sky’s


A busy morning.


The front steps, one precast piece.

20151231_081053 20151231_111634

The rain gutter, 48′ seamless, made on site.

20151231_081023 20151231_081112 20151231_082031 20151231_082104

Pouring the Garage floor.





Progress in the rain

Rain is still  sl0wing us down. But we’ve made some progress. The house is fully taped.  Rob’s guys are preparing it for the blower door test on Monday, buy installing the basement door and caulking and caulking.  Being sheathed with no windows makes it very dark inside, thus it’s easy to see light coming in any openings.  The front step arrive tomorrow.    The garage is prepped for the floor to be poured tomorrow.  And my work vehicle has arrived.  Once the blower door test is done we start the roof, followed by the siding……….


Garage sided

Today the guys from Lancaster got the garage sided.  Just some trim, doors and floor and it’s ready.  I’ll guess by next Thursday.    Here is an outside photo and a couple photos from up the ridge. of the hole complex.