Klearwall Doors

I’ve had some questions about my Klearwall Doors.

 I love them, the only problem is that they are stronger that American frame walls.  We toured Ireland two years ago and I noticed all the new construction used masonry construction..  Our basement door is in a poured concrete wall, the other three are in normal framed walls.  There is just a difference closing the basement door, a very solid feeling, like closing a refrigerator door, but the frame wall (The only way to describe it is) just a little “Soft” feeling. They work seal 100% the locking system is unbreakable. If I were building again I would use the doors for sure, but just beef up the wall around the door.    The doors have a number hinge adjustments and there wasn’t a manual when we bought them, but they sent a Tech out after the house was finished to do the final adjustments.

1 thought on “Klearwall Doors

  1. Are your entry doors Klearwall or just the deck? Would love to see pictures! Thanks a million for all the really helpful explanations and photos on the screens.


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