Klearwall Doors

I’ve had some questions about my Klearwall Doors.

 I love them, the only problem is that they are stronger that American frame walls.  We toured Ireland two years ago and I noticed all the new construction used masonry construction..  Our basement door is in a poured concrete wall, the other three are in normal framed walls.  There is just a difference closing the basement door, a very solid feeling, like closing a refrigerator door, but the frame wall (The only way to describe it is) just a little “Soft” feeling. They work seal 100% the locking system is unbreakable. If I were building again I would use the doors for sure, but just beef up the wall around the door.    The doors have a number hinge adjustments and there wasn’t a manual when we bought them, but they sent a Tech out after the house was finished to do the final adjustments.


I’ve gotten a number a questions on what did I do for screens on my Klearwall windows.

Screens had my puzzle for a while.   I had some local window contractors come give me prices.  They were outrageous, something like $250 a window. They were over engineering a solution.   I’m a DIY guy with high tech and building skills.  One of the contractors suggest I go on line and I could get the screens at half the price.  I tried a couple of Screen sites the screen prices were ok but the shipping cost was crazy.   Looking at the windows I notices a “Framing Lip” all the way around the windows.  I went to Lowes and bought some 1/2″ U channel, and painted it brown to match my trim.  I installed it on the bottom sill.  I measured inside the Lip and went to the local “old time” hardware store and had them make a test screen.  WALA it fit.  I had springs put on the bottom and finger hooks on the top.  The bottom with the springs fits into the track and pushes the screen tight to the top.  With the one working model I went to a local window and screen store (one i used when I owned apartment buildings, tenants are very hard on screens) and had them make all the screens. It think the price ran per $30 to $35 per screen. Out of all the screens only one isn’t as tight as it could be, but it’s up stairs bedroom and we only use the it a few times a year.  That screen should be about 1/4″ taller.