Siding time

With the porch deck poured we could start the siding and get it looking like a finished house.  But again the cold weather got to us, so cold the siding was brittle and would brake.  The siders had to take a brake and come back after the cold snap moved on.


94 Siding 94 Siding (2) 94 Siding (3) 94 Siding (4)

Ledger Board

Building a custom house isn’t for the faint of heard.   All looks good on paper until you put the pieces together. Then you need a plan B or C.

We went to attach the deck ledger board and walla, it couldn’t be done.  See photo.

93 Ledger framing Note that the floor joist are parallel to where the deck will be attached.  But that end has a point.  Because of the point and the parallel joists we couldn’t reach behind the joists to bolt the ledger board. Also, getting the insulation in would have been a big problem.

Solution:  sister the third joist and install perpendicular joists.  See photo.

93 Ledger framing (4) 93 Ledger framing (2)

The Ledger Board all bolted up.

Ledger Board