Porch Roof

A quite week.  The insulators had other work scheduled but got in a couple hours to clean up Monday, they are coming back Friday to finish the insulation installing. And do a prelim blower door test

Got through the Framing Township inspection.  Had a major error, a beam was 3′ out of place. That’s all fixed and when the insulation inspection is complete it’s drywall time.

I’ve been cleaning window seals in prep for the NJ Zero Energy Ready Homes program official blower door test.  We noticed a number of the exterior window seals were knocked out of their track. And I noticed there was lots of building debris on the seals.

Last week the roofers did the cooper roof.  See photos below:


Copper Roof (5) Copper Roof (3) Copper Roof (2)

Copper Roof (6)

Copper Roof (7)



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