More Windows

Still working on the windows.  Chris from Klearwalls came down from NYC to answer some questions we had on the windows and doors. He doubled checked the fine adjustments of all the windows.

He told me that in Ireland and I think the full UK,  that all house are getting an energy ratings.  Old, very old and new, and the rating is published when a house is listed for sale.  That really adds value to an energy efficient house.

The attached photos are the windows in each stage of insulation.  Installing windows so that they are air tight isn’t easy.  Lots of steps and lots of care to get it right is a challenge.  Note all the tape, there is a tape for each function. Inside tape, outside tape………..  And finally the trim is added.

Now with all the windows in, and some sealed it’s amazing how warm the house is. Remember, it already has R-6.6 with the sheathing.


91 Windows 911st Window (2) 91 Windows (1) 91 Windows (2) 91 Windows (3) 91 Windows (4)


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