A Lost week

As it turned out the roof ZIP sheathing was backordered and didn’t show up till late Wednesday.  Thursday was nothing but rain so no work got done.  Friday was a beautiful day and the sheather’s were on side before 8:00.  I was expecting it be a one day job.  I had errands to run and to head back to New London to finish packing  so I left around 10:00.  I arrived this afternoon (Sunday) around 4:00 expecting the house to be fully sheathed.  But it wasn’t, I’m guessing they ran out of roof sheathing.  Here are some photos.    I have rescheduled the first blower door test out a week to 12/29. Note we are sheathing everything but the front door for the first blower door test.   The garage material showed up on Friday, and they plan to get started Monday.  The windows were delivered Wednesday.



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