Let the sheathing begin.

The sheathing behind the porch roof needed to be installed before these roofs could be framed. And before the sheathing gapes needed to be caulked with the never harding “Acoustical Caulk”. Supper sticky and black. Then “blocking” needed to be added between the studs to allow the sheathing to be nailed property on 3-6″ centers  The sheathing is ZIP R-6, it puts an R-6.6 insulation on the outside of the framing and helping to minimize the thermal bridging. Note how the sheathing goes behind the roof over hangs to create an envelop of insulation around the exterior of the house.

Tomorrow the final delivery of the sheathing will arrive and the full sheathing will happen at full bore.

81 Sheathing 81 Sheathing (2) 81 Sheathing (3)81 Sheathing (4)

82 Porch Roof 82 Porch Roof (2) 82 Porch Roof (3) 82 Porch Roof (4) 82 Porch Roof (5) 82 Porch Roof (6)

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