Let the Framing Begin

The big day begins.  One of the most important thing with a Energy Efficient house is it’s air TIGHTness.  The house has to be as tight as possible starting with the sill plate to foundation connection. There are a number of way we’ve seen to do this, the best in our opinion is a combination of Protecto Wrap Premium Energy Sill Sealer and acoustical caulk.  The tape comes in 5.5″ & 3.5″ widths and is 3/8″ thick close cell foam.  At 3/8″ we think it will fill in the irregularities of the foundation wall and sill plate connection.  And because of the double wall foundation we have two sill plates, a 6 x 2 & a 4 x 2. The sill plate and foundation wall connection is so long it is one of the biggest points for air leaks. Side joints are gupped up with the acoustical caulk. Acoustical caulk is a none harding caulk the sticks to everything. Insulation is installed between the double sill plates to block bridging. The insulation is gupped down with acoustical caulk too.

68 Sill Plate Tape (2) 68 Sill Plate Tape (3) 67 First Floor Framing 67 First Floor Framing (2)

67 First Floor Framing (5)

Once the sill plate is bolted and sealed the TJI floor joists and installed.  Again a little different than a standard foundation,  because of the double sill plates.  Tomorrow the sub floor and up the walls go. We are putting in a no-step shower, which requires a little difference in the floor joist under the shower floor. But we have two days of rain in the forecast.


67 First Floor Framing (3) 67 First Floor Framing (4) 67 First Floor Framing (6) 67 First Floor Framing (7) 67 First Floor Framing (8)


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