Blower Door Test

Yesterday Don from ReVireo  came out to do the first blower door test.  I was not sure what to expect, being my first blower door test I’ve seen.  We had sealed the house the best we could, but because of the big windows, bigger that a sheet of sheathing,  I was sure there would be some leakage.

I think the testing at this point is more “art” that “science”.  First Don tried the small fan, but that couldn’t move enough air, so he switched to the bigger one. With the vacuum setting, the fan sucking air out of the house, we got a 1.9ACH50. Which said the house had some small leaks.  We switched to the pressurizing setting, blowing air into the house, and took a smoke wand to look for any leaks. Had trouble finding any, none on the first floor. Only one in the basement: the basement  door, across the bottom,  was loosing air, but that stopped when I locked it.  On the second floor we found leaks along the main ridge board and the dormer ridge board. Which will get sealed a little later.

With that finding I consider the test worth doing and of value.  Now off to windows, doors, roofing & siding.  Shortly it will look like a real house.

87 Blower Door Trst (1) 87 Blower Door Trst (3)


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